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Expand and grow your business by leveraging our dental experts capabilities globally. My global dental is a global marketplace platform enabling all dental practitioners, suppliers, consultants and expert educators to train and certify dentists. An affiliate get an opportunity to expand and grow business in the specific geography/location by organizing events and enrolling subscribers.


Why Partnership?

-Global Connect with scholarly and experienced dentists and dental practitioners.
-Increase revenue with myglobal dental outreach
-Reduce costs by accessing global networks of dental practitioners.
-Access to latest continuing education.
Level of Partnership
Affiliates: helps in establishing global network of dentists and practitioners.


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Who can join as a global dental expert?

We welcome any individual who is passionate about dentistry or connected with dentistry practice, and has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter they are interested in. As anĀ  affiliate, your duty would not only be to motivate dentists/suppliers/consultants in your region to subscribe to Myglobal dental and leverage the market place.


Benefit of becoming global dental affiliate?

Join our team as a global dental affiliate and be rewarded working with a team that strives for excellence in dentistry practice.
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